The Shep Shapard Project is Shep Shapard's "solo" project. "Solo" because while Shep writes and records all of the project's music himself, he generally requires the help of his friends to play the music live. Shep released the SSP's debut album, "Forever and Always" in 2008. More information about "Forever and Always" can be found here. The SSP is on a haitus for now while Shep focuses on his current collaborative project, codenamed Syracuse. Expect to hear more about Syracuse soon!

The band consists of:

  • Shep Shapard

The band has had many members come and go... these awesome people have been in the band:

  • Zachary Snowden
  • Matthew Farrell
  • Logan Buerlein
  • Leon Browne
  • Baldo Ayala
  • Ryan Kailath
  • Brendan Gilmore
  • Jen Roy
  • Randy Scott
  • Mark Leiber